Hello, and welcome! My name is Sukrit and I actually work as a tax consultant for a public accounting firm, but I also do freelance photography and create social content focusing on travel and lifestyle.

I am based in Bangkok, Thailand, where I was born and raised, but throughout my life I have been fortunate enough to have traveled and lived in various parts of the world. From my time in boarding school in New Delhi, India, to my semester in Melbourne, Australia, to college in Boston, MA, I can say that my experiences abroad and at home has developed my passion for exploration, and have continued to inspire me to keep learning from the differences that we are all born with. Additionally, I grew up as a very creative child, and have always enjoyed the visual arts and telling stories. I first experimented with photography at the age of 15, but it wasn’t till I was in college that I actually found myself more drawn to the field and the art. I used photography to discover the city and to connect with the community I found myself in. Ever since, it has provided me with opportunities that I had never imagined to have experienced, and from it I have met so many incredibly talented artists and creatives who I am lucky to call my friends.

I aim to use photography as a tool to discover the world outside and capture those moments with my inner world. I believe photography is a lot more than a visual treat for the eyes. You absorb the stories portrayed with your own experience, emotions and heart and these stories transcend beyond any language barriers. Through my photography, and use of social media, I aspire to not only create something to inspire people to travel, explore, and search for new experiences and stories to tell, but also to connect people with a common appreciation of our world and it's natural diversity.

You can find a mixture of my work alongside with photographs that reflect my personal style on my Instagram. Additionally, I have also been recognized as a suggested user by Instagram, and was featured on Fox25 Boston, Boston Magazine, and Masala Magazine.