A little update...

Yes, I know, it has kinda been a while, and I apologise for that. For the past few months, I have been busy transitioning and settling into my new job as a tax consultant but this isn’t going to be a long post about taxes… nobody wants that! Instead, I thought it was a nice time for me to give you all a little update on some of the creative stuff I have been doing as well as some of my plans for the coming future.

Since my last blog post, I have travelled a bit. I went on a solo four day trip to Vietnam, visiting Ha Long Bay and the capital, Hanoi. It was truly a blast, and as my first solo trip, eye opening to say the least. I also traveled with my family back to Koh Samet at the end of summer, enjoying a few days by the sea. More recently, I travelled back to India with my grandmother and visited Jaipur, the pink city, for the first time. More on all these experiences to come soon very soon.


During the weekends, and some days after work, I have also been exploring local temples and other landmarks around Bangkok. Either photographing or planning for shoots. While I haven’t done much campaign work this summer and fall, mostly due to time constraints, it is nice to be getting back to creating some focused content again. As you may know, as of January 1st this year, I joined #teampixel, Google’s Pixel ambassadors, and as such, as of October, with the launch of the new Google Pixel 3, I have been fortunate enough to be send the new phone to test out and create content for. My detailed review on the phone will be coming soon as well, but spoilers alert, I truly love this phone. I was already pretty blown away with the Pixel 2 from last year but the Pixel 3 takes it to a whole other level.

Anyhow, just thought I’d give you all a little update on what has been happening. As for what to look out for, after revamping my site, and consolidating content into more simpler spaces, this blog will now feature travel guides, my travel diaries, films and tv reviews, monthly music curation, photo galleries, and other misc opinion based content.

I have also been receiving a lot of requests for new photographs for prints and with the holidays coming up, I will also be bringing back print sales where proceeds will be going towards charity. I am also working on my second preset pack which will be available sometime closer to the New Year but in the meantime, my first pack is now on sale for only 9.99!

As always, thanks for following along, and feel free to comment down below what you would like to see more of! I am more inspired than ever to be creating and hope that I can continue doing so more consistently and more passionately than ever.

Until next time, take care!